In OLE we offer the best Internet, telephone and television service at unbelievable prices. Combine them as you like, without limits and enjoy from your home the best service and with a personal attention


Browse at high speed without limits or interruptions. In OLE we offer different products so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and those of your family. Choose our 6Mb service, and enjoy the best internet WIMAX connection comfortably at home, with the most advanced technology.


If you are looking to pay less for your calls to national and international landlines OLE gives you the solution. Hire our flat rates national and international destinations, and always pay the same at the end of the month. Enjoy conversations without worrying about costs or how long you have been on the phone. You can make any combination you want in order to save money every month. You do not need an existing landline to contract Ole’s telephone service. We have our own network that gives you the best service and no extra costs for line rental. In addition, you are not forced to change your number, if you want to keep the phone number that you have always had, we take care of all the arrangements, at no extra cost to our customers.


We have a variety of more than 80 national and international channels that allows you to enjoy the latest and best channels and what is even better is the incredible price.